Home business idea: Create your own raffle

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What are some ideas for home based business services I can provide?

Home business idea: Create your own raffle

If you are looking for a quick way to generate customers for any local service you provide, consider the possibility of holding a raffle for your service. Any kind of service that people want or need will be a good candidate for this type of marketing method, and you will make a lot of money doing it. Are you a babysitter? Do you offer secretarial services for home based businesses? Are you a massage therapist? Do you teach piano lessons? Any of these services (and so many more) are likely possibilities. What you'll do is print off raffle tickets and agree to split part of the proceeds with the charity of your choice. Visit your neighborhood homes, door to door, and ask them to purchase a raffle ticket for your services. For example, if you offer hairdressing services, ask them "Would you like the chance to have your hair done for free for an entire year (9 sessions) for just $5?” Explain that you are offering your services and part of the proceeds is going to the charity you chose. You will be amazed at how many tickets will be sold. Sell only 400 tickets and you will be making $2,000 just for doing 9 haircuts in a year. Can you imagine how much money you can make if you cover your entire city with these tickets? Plus, you will be gaining valuable advertising, because each and every one of those who bought your tickets is a potential customer. Use those addresses and send them coupons once the raffle is drawn. If you send each of those buyers a coupon for a discount on future services, as a “Consolation prize", you will instantly increase your business and gain valuable new contacts.



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