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Get Your Goals

Figure out your goals. What do you want to accomplish working at home? Do you want to be home with your children? Do you wnat to make more money and how much a month? Set a reasonable goal of how much you'd like to make a month that works for you.
Next, figure out what your best skills are. Are you good at customer service? Office Administration? Writing? Check out job boards like,, and www,wplh that will give you great advice and links to jobs.
Apply, apply, apply. Apply to as many jobs in your field as you can. It takes time and patience, but with hard work and perseverance, your efforts will be rewarded.


High Speed Equipment

When it comes to working at home, you will find that most jobs require high-speed. For a reason. High-speed interent is so much faster than dial-up. It can download articles in seconds where on dial-up, it could take a few minutes. You can watch streaming video, talk on the phone, and check your e-mail all at the same time. With dial-up, you have to be off the computer for the phone to work. With dial-up, many telecommuting jobs are unavailable as you have to be able to talk on the phone and be on the computer.


Best Telecommuting Job Sites

From my expereince the best job sites out there have to be, (Working Solutions), and, and, now known as Arise.
LiveOps is a great company that does inbound csr. They work with a variety of clients. You do have to pay a $30 background fee.
Working Solutions performs a variety of work for its clients from data entry to csr to research. The pay is great and the hours are flexible. Once you have applied, expect a wait before you are accepted.
West is inbound customer service with pay per minute rates. They work with a variety of very well-known clients and the hours are also flexible. Once you have applied and gone through the interview, you may also expect a wait to be contacted.
Willow or Arise is the ultimate is customer service. In order to work with this great company that gives you an unbelievable client list, you have to become incorporated, which can run $100 + Basically, you become your own business.

Where can I find free online tutorials?

Online tutorial: Microsoft Office 2000

Office 2000 Professional Overview
Cost: Free
This 12-page chapter contains a summary of the features of Office 2000 Professional, including a description of Office tools and information about how to use Toolbars, Office Assistant, and the Clip Gallery to help you and your students get the most out of Office 2000.

Where can I find free online tutorials?

Online tutorial: Microsoft Outlook

Learning Outlook 2000
Cost: Free
This tutorial on Microsoft Outlook, created by Microsoft Corporation, offers a broad overview of how to get more out of Outlook. Learn how to use Outlook 2000 to organize, find, and view e-mail, personal calendar and contact information, and task lists. The information in this 42-page chapter includes a tour of Outlook 2000, including how to use e-mail, add contact information, track meetings, and schedule appointments with colleagues and students.

Where can I find free online tutorials?

Online tutorial: Microsoft Publisher 2000

Learning Publisher 2000
Cost: Free
This tutorial on Microsoft Publisher 2000, created by Microsoft Corporation, offers a broad overview of the following topics: What you will learn; What's New for 2000; Exploring the Publisher 2000 window; Creating a publication, and Putting it together. Move your publications beyond word processing with Publisher 2000. In this 12-page chapter, you will learn how to create a publication, use the Design Gallery to customize your publication, insert text and graphics into frames, convert publications to Web pages, and more.

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