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Question 1

<br>Which of these job titles is probably a fake job?<br><br>

Work at home typist - no experience necessary!
Clerical typist needed - Telecommuting possible DOE
Research assistant for busy HR firm - Work from home office
Data entry clerk - min. 100 wpm. 2+ yrs exp. Telecommute
When you see any job title that uses the phrase "No experience necessary" and "Work at home" along with exclamation marks for emphasis, you can bet that it is not going to end happily. You are most likely going to be asked to pay a "processing fee" or "application fee". You know those are always a scam, right?

Question 2

<br>Which of these phrases should you avoid if you see it in a job description?<br><br>

Apply to Human Resource Manager. Submit your resume and cover letter
Only those selected for an interview will be contacted
Make $5,000 a month working 2 hours a day from the comfort of your home
Experience preferred, but training may be provided to the right candidate
This one is slightly tricky. Most legitimate employers will only consider hiring you if you have experience, but some will make an exception for excellent candidates if they feel you have that ´something special´ they are looking for. On the other hand, no employer will ever hire anyone at $5,000 a month and only expect 2 hours a day of work from you. That´s $83 per hour for an inexperienced typist? Obviously that will only lead to getting burned!

Question 3

<br>Which of these web addresses are probably a legitimate company website?<br><br>
Although there are some exceptions to this rule, very few legitimate companies will ever use free webhosts to host their website. You will also never see an affiliate code in the web address of a legitimate company. If you see an affiliate code, you can bet that you will be expected to pay something at the end of this rainbow, and the one who will benefit from your click will be the affiliate who placed the ad for you to find.

Question 4

<br>How much is reasonable for you to pay for a work at home job?<br><br>

$50 - $100 a year if I am getting access to a real membership site that promises me a job
$20 - $50, if I am buying a legitimate list of telecommuting jobs
$10 - $20, if I am offered a guarantee
$0, Zero, Zilch, Nada - I know I should never pay to work at home
Never ever pay anyone to hire you. Repeat this to yourself often. "I swear I will never again pay to work from home"! There, now don´t you feel better?

Question 5

<br>What is the correct method for applying to a suspicious looking job listing?<br><br>

Send an email requesting more information, just to make sure
Send an email with your resume attached, complete with contact information, just to make sure
Don´t waste time on it. It´s not worth my effort
Ask other jobseekers about it first to see what they say
This one was definitely tricky. You might think that asking other jobseekers to validate your suspicions is a good idea, but it is flawed logic. You are the best judge and you have instinctive responses to a suspicious ad. Listen to your gut response. Other jobseekers may "lead you into temptation" if they are also unsure. Don´t bother applying for a job that is suspicious. When you see valid and legitimate ads, you never have to wonder what it´s "really about", because the employer makes it perfectly clear.

Question 6

<br>What should you do if you receive an invitation to pay a fee for a job?<br><br>

Delete the email immediately
Reply with a list of additional questions
Reply with a threatening and angry email
Send a complaint to their ISP
As tempting as it may be to get angry and send a scathing email to the scammer, it is a waste of your time and energy. You would be better off just deleting the email and moving on to greener pastures. hey, the sharks will always be sharks, and they won´t change just because you sent them a cranky email. The only thing you will accomplish is to waste your breath and expend energy instead of growing your business and finding valid jobs.

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