Review of BillMyClient's Online Invoicing Tool

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Where do I find online invoicing tools?

Review of BillMyClient's Online Invoicing Tool

BillMyClients is a new company that specializes in allowing free agents, independent contractors and small businesses to easily and instantly integrate a professional billing system into their company's invoicing processes. For only $4.99 per month, you can perform all the invoicing tasks you need, in a simple web-based interface. You can create and track an invoice, accept checks and PayPal from your customers, use both electronic & snail mail delivery, track payments, track clients, send reminders, and it even has recurring invoicing capability. You can automatically calculate and add tax to any invoice. Shipping charges can be conveniently added to any invoice, and you can choose whether they're taxable or not. Store common client names and addresses and easily create an invoice with a click of the mouse. You can also view all of the invoices you've sent a given client and instantly create charts to see patterns. You can easily mark any invoice paid as you receive payment. You can view all of the changes to an invoice since its inception. Sending a reminder e-mail to past due clients is easy. Need instant payment for an invoice? The BillMyClients system is fully integrated with PayPal so that your clients can log in to view an invoice and then pay you immediately via PayPal. It's easy to personalize the invoices you send through You can upload as many as ten logo files and then choose which logo you'd like to have placed on each invoice you create. This is a perfect solution for freelancers and homeworkers. Instead of buying expensive accounting software, you can use this web based system to solve your billing problems.



4/30/2007 5:33:25 PM
Candyce said:

I searched around a lot and found that for simple online invoicing offered the most versatile and elegant system, at a reasonable price. So I signed up and spent the weekend entering all my client data and current invoice info. However, when I sent a practice invoice to myself today (the day that I was scheduled to send out 30 invoices), none of the customization I'd gone to a lot of trouble to create showed up on the invoice, my logo was missing, and the file was so messed up that I'd NEVER send it to a client. After trying hard to troubleshoot it on my own, I sent an email to their tech support, and I left 3 (THREE!) phone messages on their support line. I never heard back from them at all. I now have 30 invoices that could not go out on time. So the parts of the product that work are great, but major parts of the product don't work and there is NO customer support. You're left twisting in the wind alone.


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