What to expect from the employer when you apply for a work at home job

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What can I expect when I apply for work at home jobs?

What to expect from the employer when you apply for a work at home job

Whenever an employer places any position listing online, the employer receives literally thousands of resumes within a few days, and worse than that, keeps on receiving them for months or years after the position has already been filled. Why? Because there are so very many sites that grab job listings from other sites and post them in their database, without the employer's permission! Worse yet is when you've paid a fee to access those listings that are entirely outdated.

It is no surprise that so few people ever hear back from an employer after they've submitted a resume and cover letter. It seems that the majority of the responses people see will be from the scammers. Aren't they eager to respond with "Please insert $$ here to get this job" emails?

Most good employers will not respond, unless they plan to interview you. Sending follow up letters is pretty pointless, but if you really feel like sending a follow up letter, send a brief and professional follow up letter, two to three weeks after your first application, and not a minute sooner.



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