Home business idea: Offer multi-restaurant home delivery services

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What are some ideas for home based business services I can provide?

Home business idea: Offer multi-restaurant home delivery services

Restaurants that offer delivery services are usually able to generate more business than those who only offer take out services. You can capitalize on this trend by contacting local restaurants that aren't currently offering a delivery service and offering to home deliver their orders at no extra cost to them. All they need to do is print "We now offer home delivery" on their next batch of takeout menus. Make sure it is stated clearly on the menu that the delivery fee is between $2 - $5 (depending on how much you want to charge). They will see an increase in business at no extra cost to them, and you will have an instant market for your services. Keep in mind that you will not only earn the fee for the delivery, you will also be collecting all the tips!



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