Home business idea: Host a group babysitting event

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Home business idea: Host a group babysitting event

Parents need a night out, or at least a quiet night in without the kids, but are often reluctant to hire young babysitters. Hiring an overnight babysitter can be very expensive and it is difficult to trust that everything will be fine for an entire overnight period. So, why not create a "once a month" sleepover event? Make arrangements with the local community center to rent space for an overnight event. Cost should be around $200 for the night. Distribute flyers to all the local homes that there is an upcoming sleepover event for children between the ages of four and fourteen. You will arrange games, supply pizza and soda, and tell fun ghost stories, then tuck the kids into their sleeping bags for the night. You can even tell the parents to send their kids with their morning snack and have them picked up by 9 a.m. You can easily charge $25 per child for the event, and the parents will feel safe knowing their children are being cared for by an adult they know and trust. You can easily host a party for fifty to one hundred kids and earn anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000 per event (after expenses, of course).



6/23/2006 10:51:34 AM
Jennifer said:

That's not a bad idea. My only concern is that most states regulate a supervisor per child ratio. I would wonder if such a thing would apply in this case, since it is an overnight only, and not a daycare. I would read into it before trying such an idea.


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